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The value of customer interactions

If you haven’t yet decided on a New Year’s resolution for your business, here’s one to consider: Get smarter with how you use customer data in your marketing.

Targeted, personalised marketing goes far beyond adding merge tags to your emails. It’s about piecing together all your customer information to build a more complete picture of who you’re talking to, then using that insight to build better relationships at scale. This process is often referred to as Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. And with lots of new holiday purchase data at your fingertips, there’s no better time to start incorporating CRM into your plans for 2019.

By following the steps below, you can start to:

  • Get better at collecting customer insights. Streamline the process of gathering information about your customers and growing your audience.
  • Learn more about your audience at a glance. See patterns in your data that can tell you more about who you’re talking to.
  • Dig into the exact insights you need with just a few clicks. Organize what you know based on what’s most important to your business.
  • Automate to save time. Turn insights into action and build better relationships with your customers—even while you focus on other stuff.

So go ahead and make 2019 your year of smarter marketing campaigns that sell more stuff—without increasing your budget.

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