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The worlds-largest building society wanted to launch its first mobile banking app, empowering customers through immediate access to banking services on the go, from the palm of their hands.

A changing market

By 2010 it was clear from multiple industry forecasts, including Gartner, that consumer adoption of mobile devices had reached a tipping point. Mobile was not shaping up to be a short-term fad, but instead a long lasting trend that would shape the future of customer experiences for the next decade and beyond. 

Having just completed a major investment in their Internet Banking capability, requiring significant focus, by 2011 Nationwide Building Society found itself on the back foot and poorly positioned, not only to compete in the mobile banking space, but also to recognise its strategic value.

The pressure to deliver intensified when rivals, such as Natwest and RBS deployed their first mobile banking app propositions to market later that year. 

Faced with the growing realisation that in order to compete for consideration in the current account market, with mobile banking needing to be a hygiene element of the proposition, Nationwide took steps to rapidly deploy a mobile banking app so that it not only had a competitive presence, but could also deliver a better experience to its members and position itself amongst the market leaders in the UK.

The innovation challenge

Damfino consultants were involved throughout the project, from initial inception, through to project completion. The team worked with Nationwide Building Society to develop the business case and articulate the need for urgent investment in mobile banking. 

This was done by synthesising the available research data and undertaking primary customer research to assess the size of the opportunity and the importance placed upon these technologies by Nationwide’s membership base.

The challenge was to balance the capabilities offered by the Mobile App, with the needs of customers at that time and simultaneously not wishing to devalue the investment in the Internet Bank.

On the go banking

A core mobile banking proposition was developed that gave customers the convenience and functionality required to undertake everyday banking ‘on the go’ while, for more complex interactions, customers were directed to the Internet Bank.

Structured around a series of development workshops, the project agreed on the following scope items for the initial launch.

  • Statements
  • Transfers & payments
  • Easy navigation
  • Help and customer support

Due to the importance of the user experience as a differentiator, Nationwide commissioned IBM Interactive to help them develop the Mobile Banking UI and style guide. Our consultants managed this process and orchestrated all associated customer user testing and client testing activities. 

When the initial prototypes were ready a ‘pilot portal’ was created, with all employees encouraged to test and comment on the solution. Finally, came the the launch of a mobile banking app with a clean and modern interface.

Our customers increasingly want to do their banking on the move and we believe the new app puts customers in the driving seat when it comes to their money.

Barnaby Davis - DD Digital & Mobile - Nationwide Building Society

The results

Nationwide Building Society launched the new Mobile Banking App in 2012 to widespread industry and media praise. 

Designed around customer feedback, and with a user interface developed in conjunction with customers, the app saw widespread adoption, achieving 5-star reviews in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  

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