The must-have guide to customer experience transformation

Created by managers, for managers

Want to improve customer satisfaction (C-Sat), or net promoter scores (NPS) and create experiences your customers will love you for? Our practical guide, written by managers, for managers, takes you through the steps necessary to set-up and run a successful customer experience transformation programme.

Kick-start your customer experience transformation

Are you struggling to know where to start? Perhaps you need help on how to transform your customer experiences efficiently? Look no further. Our 36 page guide to customer experience transformation is packed with useful tips, hints and examples of how to set-up and run your customer experience programme. Download the free guide now.

What's included?

  • Creating the conditions for a successful customer experience transformation
  • The anatomy of a customer experience transformation
  • Step-by-step guide to transforming your customer experiences
  • How to audit your current customer experiences
  • Structuring your customer experience audit
  • Documenting your current customer experiences with customer journey mapping
  • Using Service Blueprinting to create your future-state customer experiences
  • Setting a customer experience vision and goals
  • Identifying tactics and developing a sequencing roadmap plan
  • Establishing best-practice standards and governance
  • Building your business case for investment
  • Delivery phase considerations

Build a winning business case

Create a compelling business case that gets investment for your transformation first time.

Avoid common pitfalls

A tried-and-tested approach to transformation that reduces risk and leads to more efficient transformation

Prioritise your investments

Learn to evaluate tactics and create a roadmap plan that maximises customer value.

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